Mulrosas started in 2005 when the Nasser – Mera family decided to join the flower industry. They initially positioned themselves in the Los Angeles flower market, but they did so well that they decided to buy 50 acres located around 11 miles from the city, Quito.

The farm is also located 3000 meters above sea level and it’s very close to the majestic Cotopaxi Volcano – in fact, its proximity to this volcano provides it with the water that makes these flowers so unique. This is how they are made to be such good quality and have an incomparable vase life.

Mulrosas is a farm that is constantly growing, which is why Patricio Nasser is always incorporating the most modern technology into its growing processes. The farm is regularly transforming its manual processes into automatic ones. Our green houses have an automatic irrigation system, suction fans that expel the internal air when temperatures rise, and also fans that circulate the air inside.

This system plus the farm’s excellent location with exceptional water quality makes it so that we have the ideal environment to harvest only the best roses.

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